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Packaging Design For Loveganic Cleanse

At Thunder Print, we take pride in providing our clients with the best in packaging design. We were recently asked to create a box for our client’s new cleansing product. All they did was provide us with a sample of the scented soap and request that the soap be elevated within the packaging without being hidden within the tray.

We recognised that the soap is of premium quality and designed a box that was much bigger than the product itself, to showcase its exclusiveness. We also took into consideration the transportation challenges and created a structure to hold the product in place during packing and handling.

Our client was impressed and satisfied with our design which displays their product well and also for anticipating their needs when not stated.

Seminar: 乐在工作,活出人生 (卡内基万人学习大会)Happy & Vibrant Penang

乐在工作,活出人生 (卡内基万人学习大会)Happy & Vibrant Penang

20/09/2015 (Sunday)

2pm to 5.30pm

Spice Arena, PISA, Penang

黑幼龙老师 (全球华人人际沟通大师)




You may refer http://www.vitrox.com/HappyPenang/ for more information.

Ticket / Poster / Flyer : Printed by Thunder Print Sdn. Bhd ( sponsorship )

SP Half Marathon 2015

Date: 11 June 2015

Together with other reputable companies, Thunder Print Sdn. Bhd had been given fully support on the SP Half Marathon which is a meaningful event to encourage A Healthy Lifestyle through a fun run with family members.

For those interested, please make on-line registration by log in
or Call Mr Gani at Hp : 013 – 5000 684