Packaging Design For Loveganic Cleanse

At Thunder Print, we take pride in providing our clients with the best in packaging design. We were recently asked to create a box for our client’s new cleansing product. All they did was provide us with a sample of the scented soap and request that the soap be elevated

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Seminar: 乐在工作,活出人生 (卡内基万人学习大会)Happy & Vibrant Penang

Seminar: 乐在工作,活出人生 (卡内基万人学习大会)Happy & Vibrant Penang Date: 20/09/2015 (Sunday) Time: 2pm to 5.30pm Venue: Spice Arena, PISA, Penang Speaker: 黑幼龙老师 (全球华人人际沟通大师) 特别嘉宾: 杨嘉庆博士 Organizer: ViTrox Ticket: F.O.C You may refer for more information. Ticket / Poster / Flyer : Printed by Thunder Print Sdn. Bhd ( sponsorship )

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